Village Green, a MostlyOrganic Nursery

About Our Plant Store

Your Local Mostly Organic Nursery and Garden Center

We may be small, but we have a huge selection of heirloom and native plants for your home garden.

Open the 1st Sat of the month

Get your veggies, fruit, and herb plants - all organic! We also carry native perrenials, shrubs, and trees (some of which come from non-organic seed or starts).

Eating Healthy Can Be Fun

We want to encourage kids to get outside, dig in the dirt, and eat healthy. So, we've selected a variety of plants to appeal to kids such as rainbow carrots, kids sized cucumbers and edible flowers (my niece can't get enough of these).  

Warning: Follow Path

We are hidden from the street

Follow the driveway through the gate until you reach the nursery.

Check out the visit us section for more info.

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