I'm looking forward to meeting you...in 2019

I've always associated gardening with a sense of community and family. Gardening is something you can share with your friends or compare notes with your neighbors. 

As a boy I lived in LA and shared one block with all of my relatives. I could run around through the gardens filled with figs, mulberry, nectarine, and tangerine  trees. I loved being able to pick fresh fruit and to share that experience with my friends and family in the neighborhood. When my family moved to Seattle we tried to emulate that community. 

I'm working toward the Village Green Nursery being a center of the community. A place where permaculture and sustainability are a must. A place where local gardeners can come meet other local gardeners.  I'm looking forward to contributing to that sense of community, and I'm looking forward to meeting you!. 

- Noah

Why The Village Green?


A local plant nursery means the plants are well suited to the environmen.

Native Plants

Are better for the birds, bees, butterflies and local ecolog.


We may be a plant store, but we are so much more. We're your neighbors. We're your friends. We're a part of the community.

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