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Agastache (edible flowers attractive to hummingbirds) - $5

Brunnera, Jack Frost variety (beautiful foliage for part shade) - $13

Bee balm (yup, just what it sounds like, a great pollinator plant) - $8

Beesia (hard to find plant that can survive in full shade under a pine tree) - $9

Bunchberry (native that likes part shade under pines - in fact, if it's not under a pine you should mulch with pine needles every few years) - 4" pot $5 or gal pot $8

Mukgenia (cool foliage) - $7

Oxalis (wood sorrel) - $5-$7

Orange trumpet vine - $13

Spotty Dotty -POISONOUS $14

Reserve your fall bulbs

Pickup in December or January 


Allium Hair - Dr Seuss green bloom, Late Spring to Early Summer, 24" h, $1

Allium Ostrowskianum - Dwarf variety with purple bloom, great mixed with grouncovers, late spring bloom, 8" h - 5 for $1.25

Allium Moly - Green blades with yellow bloom in early spring, 12" h, 5 for $1.25

Allium Roseum, Dwarf variety with light pink variegated blooms, 5 for $1.25

Allium aflatunense Purple Sensation, Mix with blue globe thistle (available in spring) for a true "wow" combo, 24-36" h, $5.50

Babiana stricta mix - MULCH before temps get below freezing, water in winter, let dry in summer when dormant, if they naturalize into too big of a clump for you then dig and divide in summer before replanting in fall. $1

Chionodoxa forbesii, glory of the snow - purple spring bloom, 6" h, 5 for $1

Ipheion uniflorum Rolf Fiedler, spring starflower - goes great with daffodils, avoid clay soils, purple/blue blooms, 6" h, 5 for $1.50

Lycoris radiata, red spider lily - great as specimen or grouping, 12-24" h, $3.50

Muscari latifolium Grape Ice - $1

Muscari macrocarpum Golden Fragrance - $1.25

Muscari aucheri White Magic - 2 for $1

Puschkinia scilliodes var libanotica, stripped squill - heirloom with light blue and white striped blooms - 5 for $1

Peony Bowl of Beauty - $9

Peony Renato - $9

Sparaxis, wandflower - plant indoors in Jan/Feb - transplant outside after last frost, bring bulb in for winter. Okay, this is more work, but if you plant in a container it's easier and worth the interesting bloom, 5 for $1.25

Vurbank Hyacinth- $3

White Hyacinth - $2.50

Sun/part sun (generally great under deciduous trees)

Brodiaea laxa coccinea - MULCH before temps get below freezing, red bloom in spring, 24" h, 5 for $2

Camassia quamash Blue Melody - 2 for $1

Camassia cusickii - $1

Camassia esculenta - Quamash - $1

Camassia leichtlinii alba - $1.5

Crocus Sativus, saffron - purple bloom in fall with edible stamens, 6-12" h, $1

Eranthis hyemalis - yellow bloom, soak tubers overnight before planting, best left undisturbed once planted, 6" h, 3 for $1

Fritillaria imperialis rubra maxima - orange/red blooms atop tall stem, 40"h,  $6.50

Geranium tuberosum - 3 for $2, purple, H: 8" to 12"

Hyacinthoides hispanica White City, Spanish Bluebell - 18"h - 3 for $2

Lycoris squamigera, naked lady - heirloom bulb that loses its leaves before flowering a light pink, if it doesn't bloom the first season don't worry, $5.50 

Ornithogalum balansae - white blooms atop green blades, great for filling in area between taller bulbs, 3-6" h, 4 for $1

Oxalis adenophylla, Chilean wood sorrel - pink blooms in early spring, 6", $1

Oxalis regnellii var. triangularis, Brazil wood sorrel - purple shamrock leaves with tiny white blooms, $1

Part sun / part shade - moist

Jack-in-the-pulpit - POISONOUS, unique bloom drapes down long stem, 18-24" h, $6

Part shade / woody areas - 

Corydalis solida, fumewort - combines well with bleeding hearts or ferns - 3 for $1

Trillium Grandiflorum - 3 petal white bloom atop green leaves, likely it will not flower first year, if left alone it will spread very slowly- $6

Hosta mix - $5


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